czech national library

design competition for The New National Library of Czech Republic
Marcin Jojko, Tomaso Mani, Bartłomiej Nawrocki


The aim of the design is to find a general and open system that takes into account local context and enables future extension of the library. The New Czech National Library can’t be regarded as a functionally homogeneous entity thus the vast program divided into several, almost independent units with different conditions, requires a special design approach. Each department of the new library is located in the separate volume with it’s own logic and identity. Such a solution allows to avoid a monumental character of the final form of the building and a the same to continue the urban scale of the neighbourhood.


Proposed circular plan as the most neutral and “not oriented” shape helps with designing of the homogeneous and open system of scattered solids. Such a system ensures also the future extension of the library within the same given logic and form. Moreover the oval shape enhance free movement in between the cylinders inside the building as well as in the park above. It has an important notion especially nowadays when libraries are transformed from enclosed monuments that houses basic services towards open institutions with a large social, cultural and recreational offer.