Europan 8 design competition Urbanism and Infrastructure, Bergen Asane, Norway
Marcin Jojko, Bartłomiej Nawrocki


Diversity is an indispensable condition for development of today’s city. The ambition of this design is to find a system that could ensure creating a coherent but diverse city structure on the site divided by infrastructure.


Due to fact of unpredicted evolution, Asane district requires a special method of planning, which carries phasing and changes. Therefore traditional rules of planning are replaced with an open and flexible system based on superimposing diverse layers related to program, urban conditions, natural, social, historical and economical factors. This open system works with barrier as well as as without motorway, it can stimulate further development on the site and it ensures required diversity. diverCity no longer displays a clear boundaries but becomes an accumulation of nodes in a network.
The logic of diverCity is based on multiplication of four aspects:
urban diversity – that aims creating flexible stripped planning system which is varied by the networks of water and greenery,
program diversity – which assumes to put the different program and typologies in each of the strip, both in vertical and horizontal directions,
architectural diversity – which gives to each strip its own clear identity reflected in the façades and structures
green diversity – that allows residents to interact with variable nature in indoor and outdoor spaces.