footbridge in prague

design competition for the Footbridge Holešovice – Karlín in Prague, Czech Republic
Sebastian Dziedzic, Beata Gołas, Marcin Jojko, Bartłomiej Nawrocki, Nina Piechota, Jakub Sahatqija, Agnieszka Weber, Iwona Zaczek, Leszek Bojda and Lech Marcisz (structural design)

The rich cultural and landscape context of the future Holeszowice-Stvanice-Kalin footbridge suggests a design of an object of a minimal visual impact and a respect for the existing surroundings. That’s why the planned investment seems to be not only a structural or formal challenge, but also a landscape one. The designed footbridge proposes to connect the required three ends in the most homogeneous and modest form.


footbridge ends: Holešovice, Štvanice and Karlín

The discreet surface of pedestrian and bicycle paths supported only on few pillars and bridge abutments enables for skilful embedding of the entire structure into the existing landscape. Cladding with corten steel fits in with the surrounding city colors palette and reminds of the industrial origin of this part of Prague. The additional use of the central web as wood-finished seat allows for a comfortable admiration of the historical town’s skyline from above the Vltava River.

The new footbridge consists of six similar spans creating a branched structure enabling the connection of three main locations. Natural terrain conditions were taken into account as well as the additional requirements related to the average flood level of the Vltava, thus providing an easy access to the footbridge for disabled people and cyclists, without the need for ramps or lifts was one of the main goals of this design.

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