health center in siechnice

architectural design competition for the passive building of Community Health Centre in Siechnice
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Tomasz Berezowski, Sebastian Dziedzic, Beata Gołas, Marcin Jojko, Bartłomiej Nawrocki, Jakub Sahatqija, Agnieszka Weber

The site designated for the construction of the new local Health Center in Siechnice is inside the still being developed urban block and surrounded by number of diverse buildings in terms of height, typology and form. The lack of identity and relatively chaotic spatial layout of the existing buildings enhance a deep revision of this context for the new investment. Thus the main assumption for the design is to limit the building’s height to maximum two floors (with an additional offset of the first floor facades) which is derived from from the spatial analysis of the urban block in relation to the given investment program and the maximum possible built area defined by the masterplan. The new building due to its simple and modest architecture with a relation to the surrounding greenery and use of natural materials provides a human friendly space for medical consultations, rehabilitation and health care.

The complex investment program requires smart and convenient zoning as well as appropriate location of entrances to the building, which are served from a sheltered passage around the building. The designed overlap also plays an important role of the brise soleil – reduces heat gain within the building by deflecting sunlight especially in the summertime.

The ground floor level consists of number of primary clinics, ambulatory and independent pharmacy while the rehabilitation zone, laboratories, administration rooms and a one-day hospital are located on the upper floor.


first and ground floor


sections and facades