house in będzin

single family house in Będzin Grodziec, Poland
Grand Prix in the competition Architecture of the Year in Silesia region 2018
Marcin Jojko, Bartłomiej Nawrocki, Bianka Swinder, Barbara Ziemba



Parcina Hill
 local road


A house is located in Będzin Grodziec on the sloping plot which has been created after division of a bigger agricultural area. Terrain descends from the main road giving the open view towards the opposite slopes of Parcina Hill covered with meadows and fields that’s why the building is designed as a modest, ground floor pavilion discreetly embedded in the existing landscape. A house is previewed for a typical nuclear family 2 +2, however the clients do not have children yet. Important budget limits influence the main design decisions forcing a revision of traditional polish ways of building and finishing of single family houses but also inspire for new solutions specific for this new house, its residents and local context.