passive office building in katowice

concept design of passive office building for GPP cluster in Katowice, Poland
Tomasz Berezowski, Marcin Jojko, Bartek Nawrocki


Searching for passive solutions in an office building by focusing on it’s architectural features (form, function, material, design), assuming budget restrictions of the client.


inner patio round shape optimal natural lighting


natural natural ventilation
providing natural light
own building’s context inside


best façade/usable area ratio
compact and energy saving form
 + depth of 5.5-6.0m
maximal for standard room’s height


effective division on required office units program flexibility


maximal surface for rent
fire regulations and evacuation achieved with minimal number of technical/circulation cores
 + lowering investment risk through a simple algorithm of space division into smaller and independent units or rooms


typical floor plan
ground floor
undeground level
site plan