school in oststeinbek

design competition for The New School in Oststeinbek, Germany
Beata Gołas, Paweł Góral, Marcin Jojko, Anna Kmiecik, Bartłomiej Nawrocki, Agnieszka Weber

The new school building takes advantage of the spatial, functional and landscape potential of its future location. The building located along the northern border of the tennis court area opens to the surrounding greenery and uses a hilly terrain. Due to such a location, it is expected to maintain the existing forest that creates a unique and natural character of the new school neighbourhood

Slightly modified existing layout of footpaths in accordance with the natural topography, clearly indicates the entrance to the new school and at the same time defines the boundary between the public space and the one belonging to the school. The school building itself appears as a simple and pragmatic form considered just as a background or a complement element to the to the surrounding garden. The rich program of open spaces is mainly located on the south and east side of the site, taking into account the existing trees, greenery and topography.

The new building consists of three levels, of which the lowest, sunken in the surrounding ground, creates a kind of socle for the other overground floors. The main entrance is spatially connected with the adjacent auditorium and administration area and linked to sheltered parking for bicycles. A technical and kitchen service zone are also provided on this level, with deliveries from the north-west side. The other two overground storeys are a space for children’s recreation and education. Designed classrooms with adjacent rooms are opened directly towards the surrounding greenery where the natural sunlight is provided, too. Through the additional terraces and external stairs they are directly connected from both levels with the garden space. The modular functional and spatial layout of the building reflect in the structure and facade of the building. The balanced and elegant façade of the above ground part is previewed to be finished with natural wood that operates with light and shadow. A relatively big depth of major openings serves especially as a natural protection against sun, especially during a summer.