theatre under construction in lublin

competition for the “Theater under Construction” in Lublin, Poland
honourable mention
Marcin Jojko, Bartek Nawrocki, Józef Kiszka, Tomasz Berezowski, Przemysław Fojcik,Tomasz Leszczyński, Iwona Tkocz


The task of the “Theatre under Construction” and above all of the new Centre for Cultures Meeting is to become a new worldwide recognisable symbol of Lublin and a cultural heart of the city. The building, because of the importance of functions concealed in it, should be a dominating accent on the city plan and the most important catalyst of its inhabitants cultural life.


The existing building started in the seventies of the previous century cannot cope with these requirements. Unfortunately, the current mark of the place is a characteristic disorder in the existing building structure from its design to its external form, the complication of its functional arrangement, circulation paths and space as well as being ceaselessly “under construction”. The programme of building’s expansion shows a lack of sense and need clarity, as if an own idea is only now being sought. Instead, the planned Centre for Cultures Meeting requires an open, multi-functional social space, which connecting the existing structure with the new will create a vibrant place for meetings and for daily visits of multicultural community of Lublin and of the region.


All the requirements set to the new building, both symbolic and social as well as formal, economic and design-architectural, are fulfilled in a simple characteristic shape of the new “Theatre under Construction”, being a metaphor of meetings’ symbol rooted in the culture – a tent. The new system of internal circulation spaces integrates the whole of the building, creating one consistent organism, being an open structure with separated blocks of special functions.


The outside coat is an energy cloth, which covering the existing building creates its brand new image, creating at the same time diverse internal spaces, enabling the organisation of a broad spectrum of cultural activities. The liquidation or drastic reconstruction of the existing structure, being a trace of our time, history and culture, would cancel the path covered so far. In the time of pursuit of fashion, of a journal or billboard exhibitionism, the return to basic values in architecture, based on the ordering of the structure found, becomes a peculiar “anchor” and strength of the new “Theatre under Construction”.


A simple “non-composed” flexible form enables also changes, if any, during the future use of the building. The new “Theatre under Construction” opens to the surrounding spaces in all directions due to new pedestrian connections with the surrounding city. New passageways on the ground and the next floors level as well as the whole roof area of the existing theatre building (meetings platform) create a multi-storey spatially diverse public space, being a peculiar “hypermarket of culture”.

The roof area, created by separating it from the surroundings by a tent membrane, is a large span platform for meetings and contacts with broadly understood culture. A universal open space enables the organisation of workshops, exhibitions, galleries, fashion shows, performances as well as the implementation of any culture-producing projects.