villa near paris

extension of an urban villa near Paris, France
I prize in the competition and execution
Marcin Jojko, Bartłomiej Nawrocki, Tomaso Mani (execution)


How to erase the new architecture?
How to design an extension of the house in order to merge it with the existing context?
How to use the advantages of the plot inscribed in the terraced topography and orientation relative to the sun?
How to provide the residents with adequate privacy and at the same time to maximize the use of garden?
How to keep the homogeneous character of the urban villa and at the same time to define the clear zoning?

Limiting the interventions in the existing form of the house and tactical insertion of the extension in the topographic context of the plot.
Modified terraced landscape instead of formal solutions.
Taking advantage of in-between spaces defined by the house and the layout of external retaining walls